Take your own giant leap into space exploration!

Join a global science experiment and research challenge to examine how vegetable crops can grow in lunar or Martian soil. 

NASA is heading back to the Moon and will explore more of the lunar surface than ever before! This Challenge asks elementary and middle school students to test what nutrients, fertilizers, or other modifications to the regolith are needed to grow nutrient rich, sustainable food sources for future astronauts.

Registration is open every Fall & Spring.

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Use the scientific method to design your own lunar crop experiment

The Plant the Moon Challenge Jr. is for anyone daring enough to explore and stretch the limits of human possibility. We’re piggybacking off of NASA’s new lunar exploration program, Artemis, and giving you the chance to help get astronauts back to the moon. Participants in the Challenge will use the Project Guide to  choose their crop and help define their own experimental parameters to support plant growth. After an 8-week growing period, teams will submit final project reports and join the global network of researchers helping to expand our space exploration capabilities! Register today to get started.