Early Registration for the Plant the Moon Challenge is Now Open! Don’t miss the chance to get a $50 discount on your registration fees. Registration fees provide each team with the Project Guide, pH meter, and the 5 kg Lunar Simulant pack from the Exolith Lab!

Early registration is open until December 15th! Secure your spot today!


  1. Hello I would like to register my students, but I am a science teacher at a virtual school. Could you tell me if you would be shipping all the kits to one location (hence we would need to pay additionally for shipping costs of sending it to each student registered in the summer program or if there is a way to register each student so that each gets their materials shipped individually to them. Please let me know, as we are starting to advertise our summer programs now, and I am hoping to include this.

    • Kaitlan Brantley

      Hi Susan! There is one kit per registration. We can ship each kit per registration to each individual student registered. If you’re registering one team, and want them to each receive a separate portion, then we can arrange that, but the shipping would have to be shipping paid for each shipment. Please contact Paul Myers at paul@competitionsciences.org to arrange and if you have more questions or clarification needed. He can try to work out what would be the best option for your school!

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