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The Plant the Moon Challenge is a program of the Institute of Competition Sciences. ICS makes learning an exciting challenge for students of all ages. For ICS, its not only about creating a tool for students, educators and innovators. Its about creating academic heroes, and building the structures and systems upon which they can be recognized and rewarded. We aim to do for educational competitions what ESPN has done for professional sports, and much more. The Plant the Moon Challenge is one of the new signature competitions from ICS to help engage, inspire, and motivate students to learn through real-world challenge-based programming.

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The Plant the Moon Challenge was developed in collaboration with the University of Central Florida’s CLASS Exolith Laboratory. The Exolith lab is a not for profit extension of the Center for Lunar and Asteroid Surface Science (CLASS), dedicated to regolith simulant production and applied research. CLASS is at the intersection of NASA science and exploration for rocky, atmosphereless bodies. Simulants created at the CLASS Exolith lab are some of the most high-fidelity lunar, Martian, and small-body simulants produced today. Science at CLASS facilitates NASA exploration with new data and insights using their soil simulants.

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Florida Space Grant Consortium

Idaho Space Grant Consortium

New Mexico Space Grant Consortium

Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI)

NASA South Carolina Space Grant Consortium